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A good start to hygiene


Some 71,000 pairs of little hands are now being washed with fun, frothy, bubbly Tork Foam Soap at 648 Goodstart Early Learning Centres across Australia. 
Last year, Goodstart updated all their hand care and mini hand towel dispensers in the children’s washrooms to Tork. “For the kids, the foam soap with soft-push dispensing is easy to use. The foam is also a bit of a novelty so they like washing their hands,” explained Anthony Schmeide, Procurement Specialist at Goodstart. 
The Tork Mini Multifold Hand Towels have also been a hit. The smaller dispensers with half-sized towels are perfect for little hands plus the dispensers have a smaller footprint so fit in well next to basins. And has the reduced size helped with consumption and waste reduction? “Most definitely,” said Schmeide, “It’s half the size of a normal sheet, that’s half the usage, half the waste.”
Tork also provides a ‘Healthy little hands’ education program with a hand washing App (, activity sheets and teaching aids designed to help children develop good hygiene habits for life. Tork hand washing posters have been placed throughout centres to promote better hand hygiene.
For educators Tork Mild Foam Soap and Moisturising Alcohol Gel and Sanitiser encourage better hygiene practices and infection control while being mild on skin. Schmeide explained, “The frequency of staff hand washing is significant. It’s up to 15 – 20 times a day, so soap needs to be gentle on skin.”
“We actually wanted to increase our soap usage when we changed over to Tork. A well-accepted product will be used more,“ he added. The cost and operational savings of improving hand hygiene can be realised in the reduction of the spread of infection and fewer sick days for staff and children. Plus when there is an outbreak of something like Gastroenteritis, the centre is required to commission a deep clean by contract cleaners – these costs mount up.
Since switching to Tork, Goodstart has also been pleased with the durability of the dispensers, experiencing no issues or complaints. By standardising hygiene products across all facilities, they have made it easier for staff who move between centres to maintain consistent hygiene practices.
At the end of the day, developing good hygiene is a great start to life.

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