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Tork LinStyle serves a higher purpose at historic homestead.


Tradition is important at the 150-year-old Oruawharo homestead, so when they serve high tea it must reflect the way it was served in the past right down to the tiered cake stands, fine china and linen napery. But with 18,000 high teas served annually, owner Peter Harris wanted the look and feel of linen without the set up and laundering demands, so was delighted to recently discover Tork® LinStyle napkins. 

“We try and do simple, relevant things really well at Oruawharo homestead so the LinStyle napkins fit in perfectly,” reveals Harris. “We do so many high teas and the pre-folded 8 fold white napkins help us set up quickly. Our guests like them because they're not flimsy, they have a quality feel,” he adds. 

Authenticity and quality is a theme that runs through every choice at Oruawharo, which is located on New Zealand’s North Island, and is the reason why Peter and Diane Harris saved the homestead from imminent demolition in 2000 and restored it faithfully to its previous glory. “We are in an original farming settlement so we wanted the service we offered to be true to its roots, not too clever and nothing out of place, we wanted to offer a good service that is in keeping with the community.” 

In addition to high teas, the homestead is used for weddings and a wide range of community events. Tork LinStyle quarterfold dinner napkins in burgundy are used for many of these events and big post wedding brunches where, once again, they help deliver quality without fuss.

Being located in a farming community means there is always a sharp eye kept on sustainable practices so the fact that LinStyle napkins are FSC® certified and biodegradable only adds to their appeal for Harris. “ We are always looking out for smarter, cleaner and better ways to do things and look for suppliers that will help by providing sustainable products.” 

At Oruawharo homestead, Tork LinStyle helps take tradition into the twenty-first century.