Tork implements hassle-free washroom upgrades across residential aged care group

Consolidation of professional hygiene products has made a big difference for Southern Cross Care Residential Care. With 17 residential care homes in South Australia and the Northern Territory and 1,440 beds, the impact has been significant. Since changing from a mixture of suppliers and product qualities to Tork for hand towel, toilet paper, napkins, traymats and cleaning products, Southern Cross Care have made substantial savings, reduced usage and simplified servicing.

Charlie Way, Group Manager Property and Procurement knew he could achieve some economies of scale if he could consolidate hygiene products but the installation and roll out was concerning. “The implementation and roll-out was the most important part of the tender,” said Way. It was the comprehensive implementation plan that ultimately won the business for Tork.

The implementation occurred over a three-month period across homes in South Australia and Darwin. This involved site audits, dispenser changeover, training and ordering support. “Tork looked after the lot. The installation staff were very understanding of being in residential care homes and being respectful of the residents. They were great,” explained Way.

Of course there were other benefits of switching to Tork. Apart from presenting a stylish and cohesive look across all the bathrooms with Tork design-award-winning dispensers, Tork H2 hand towel helped reduce housekeeping labour. The high capacity dispensers reduce refilling considerably and simple, single-key locks across the range make the process easier for staff.

Savings were achieved by consolidating products and suppliers across the whole group. A 27 percent reduction in cost was realised through switching them all to Tork toilet paper.

Way added, “Local manufacturing was also a selling point for us. But it’s the service and back-up that we get that’s most important – our partnership with Tork.” Sid Takla, Executive General Manager, Asaleo Care agreed, “Our business prides itself on understanding customers’ needs and on providing customer support. In residential care, our experiences with customers of sister brand TENA have helped us develop Tork product ranges that focus on resident care and help maximise their independence.” 

As a further indication of satisfaction, all new Southern Cross Care facilities are being specified with Tork dispensers too. Read more

"Tork looked after the lot... They were great."

- Charlie Way, Group Manager Property and Procurement