Get aircrafts back in the air faster

Switch from rags to industrial wipes

An aircraft on the ground creates costs.
An aircraft in the air creates revenue.
An aircraft that malfunctions in the air creates a catastrophe.
Aircraft maintenance work is about minimizing downtime – without ever compromising on quality and safety. Technicians have sophisticated tools and many years of training to be able to care for billion-dollar equipment and the safety of thousands of lives. However, many of them are still using rags when there are modern tools available for wiping and cleaning. As a result, they lose time and service takes too long.

Switch from rags to industrial wipes

Tork industrial wipes are the next generation of industrial cleaning tools. They are engineered in line with the aviation industry and are BMS certified to cope with the world’s highest safety standards. Compared to rags, they make cleaning and wiping easier and more efficient (proven in tests carried out by Swerea Resarch Institute).
Having modern tools for wiping and cleaning is also about earning customers’ trust. Rags create an untidy production hall and the perception of not being up to date with technology, resulting in lower scores in customer audits.

Increase productivity without compromising on quality or safety

Many MRO tasks require wiping and cleaning. Because of the complexity, the technicians must do this work manually. Due to poor performance of rags, technicians spend too much time and effort on wiping and cleaning – instead of more value-adding tasks. In the end, it all adds up to a more efficient use of your crews’ time. Tork Industrial wipes absorb much better than rags and are low-linting and antistatic. Using them means up to…
  • 30% less time
  • 20% less effort
  • 40% less solvents

Make your technicians’ time count

A heavy plane check typically requires 50,000 man-hours. How about saving a lot of that time? The industrial wipes from Tork come with a system of dispensers that can be flexibly placed across workstations. This way, you get better 5S compliance and ensure that the right tools are always at the right place for the right hands. No more time wasted on walking across the hangar to collect or dispose of rags.

Decrease VOC emissions and secure your ISO certification

MRO work often requires the use of solvents. Rags are bulky and require unnecessarily high quantities of solvents, exposing technicians to high levels of VOC emissions. Industrial wipes from Tork require less solvents to get the job done – helping you to secure your ISO certification and provide a better working environment.

Better tools for the job with 40% less solvent* compared to rags