Improve your audit scores

As a supplier to other industries, customer audit scores can make or break your business. It’s as simple as that. And when your customers come to visit, they want to see a modern, clean and organized production environment. But dirty old rags left behind in piles create a messy and unprofessional impression, no matter how modern your facilities and machines are.

“If there is mess in the factory, it also makes the impression that lower quality products are made there, that the company is less professional.”
– Quality Control Foreman, Poland

Switch from rags to Tork industrial wipes

One of the easiest and fastest ways to increase your chances of improving your customer audit scores, is to switch to Tork industrial wipes – the next generation of industrial cleaning tools. They help your employees clean and wipe faster, easier and more efficiently. And in combination with our modern dispensers they ensure a cleaner working environment and 5S compliance. This gives your facilities a professional appearance, and makes it clear that you are a partner that delivers high quality products. In turn, this enables higher scores in audits and helps you retain and attract business.

Improve quality through consistent performance

Traditional rags consist of cut up old clothes made from a mix of materials. This leads to inconsistent performance. Tork industrial wipes are specifically designed for each task. And they give the same, high performance every time. When you know exactly what to expect from your cleaning tools, wiping and cleaning gets faster and easier. This makes your people more inclined to do the job properly and reduces the risk of half-measures. The net result: higher and more consistent quality.

Boost motivation

A clean factory floor also boosts morale amongst managers and operators and motivates them to work and perform better. And when things runs smoother, employees are more likely to get their bonuses – making them more motivated and happy at work. Investing in better wiping and cleaning is an investment in your staff.

Lower your stress levels

We all know that there are a myriad of things to think about we you have a customer audit coming up. With Tork industrial wipes, you get one less thing to worry about. That’s not only good for your audit scores, but for your stress levels too.

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