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Tork Office Report

New trend report: hygiene plays a decisive role in the changing office environment

How is the changing office landscape of the modern workplace affecting employees and how are changes impacting hygiene and cleaning? The Office Report from global hygiene brand Tork, based on insights from 8,000 office workers, shows three major trends: the intelligent office, the flexible office and the conscious office. It also identifies an overarching trend in the importance of office hygiene.  

Some 40 percent of those surveyed experience unclean washrooms and empty soap and paper dispensers and 79 percent said they would inform office management if they’re not satisfied. Hygiene is clearly an area where improvements would be appreciated.

In a competitive marketplace, where attracting and retaining quality staff is so imperative, insights into attitudes can make a difference. 

 “Employees are becoming more knowledgeable and demand more from their office environments. Managers are following suit and becoming more interested in providing an office environment that is healthy, sustainable and attractive, said Sid Takla, Executive General Manager of Tork Professional Hygiene products.

The internet of things will change every workplace and data will drive future decisions – even in hygiene. Businesses that can embrace change and be flexible will benefit most.


The market is also becoming more eco-savvy, and continuous sustainability gains will be required with an increasing need for evidence to support claims. This is where third party audited, life cycle analysis and reporting becomes more important. Environment Product Declarations (EPDs) give a decision maker an immediate, reliable and quantitative way to evaluate a product.


"Tork recently became the first hygiene products with EPDs in Australasia. EPDs allow businesses to derisk their purchases. And also allow us to identify ‘hot spots’ within our value chain - areas where improvements can be made to reduce impact," added Takla.

The report also shows that businesses need to think holistically about office spaces. Air quality, lighting, hygiene, gym facilities, cafés etc. all improve employee health and wellbeing. Property owners are looking to incorporate gyms, childcare facilities and wellness centres into buildings to differentiate their offering and this is creating a greater need for hygiene products that are not traditionally used in offices.

 “Trends are going from buzz to business impact. The winners among facility service and cleaning providers will be those who harness this development and help drive the demand for new, smarter office hygiene, providing an indispensable part of their clients’ competitive edge,” added Takla.

Did you know that?

  • 40% of office workers experience unclean washrooms and empty soap and paper dispensers
  • 7/10 Australians believe poor hygiene negatively affects employees
  • 56% believe they are more hygienic than most people in their office



Read the full Tork Office Trend report here (Link to PDF)

The office of tomorrow – intelligent, conscious and flexible

6 experts, 17 city regions, 8,000 office workers