The kitchen is the engine room. Tork has products to suit the hygiene critical nature of the kitchen and solutions that can improve staff efficiency.

Hand towel

Product recommendations

- Highly visible blue towel is easier to see if it accidentally gets into food


Product recommendations

- Liquid soap gets hands hyienically clean as larger dose encourages washing

- Quick and easy 3 second refilling

- Extra hygiene formulation is fragrance and dye free to minimise skin irritation making it suitable for frequent washing

Single-use wipers

Product recommendations

- Highly vislbe blue paper or cloth is easier to see if it accidentally gets into food

- HACCP and ISEGA endorsed - safe for use in food contact areas

Multi-use cloths

Product recommendations

- Tork Cloths provide a more hygienic, professional cleaning result in less time

Colour-coded cloths

Product Recommendations

- Using specific colours for specific tasks helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination

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Keeping your kitchen, restaurant, bar or café hygienic and looking fresh is easier with wipers and cloths made for the job. From front-of-house wiping to back-of-house cleaning, our purpose-made wipers and cloths can help you quickly tackle any task with confidence. Our recommendations


Making the right impression while caring for your customers and colleagues is easy with our high-quality washroom range. All recommendations are organised so your business needs come first. Our tried and tested combinations give you an easy choice. We have divided our recommendations as follow: Our recommendations
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Wiping & Cleaning

Keep up to speed during your daily tasks with durable and hygienic cloths and dispensers when you want to wipe up that oil spill or give a finishing touch. We have what you need, when you need it. So you can focus on what's most important to you.