With traditional washroom dispensers in schools, issues such as over-consumption, mess and waste are commonplace. Not to mention vandalism, theft and poor hygiene. By switching to Tork, these issues and more can be resolved.

Toilet paper

Recommended products

- Reduce consumption by up to 40% with one at a time dispensing (vs. 2ply Jumbo)

- Prevent vandalism with a shock, fire and tamper proof dispenser that is lockable

- Reduce the chance of toilet blockages due to flushing less paper

Hand towel

Recommended products

- Use less and waste less with controlled single sheet dispensing

- Refills last up to six times longer than a standard 90m roll


Recommended products

- Economical with up to 150% more washes than liquid soap (2,500 doses)

- Save time with effortless cleaning and intuitive refilling

Air Freshener

Recommended products

- Actively neutralises odours and lasts up to 3,000 sprays

- Hassle free with easy to use programming


Recommended products

- Provide your students/staff with extra comfort with the perfect combination of softness, absorbency and strength

- Convenient pump bottle that is effective on germs killing 99.99% of bacteria, whilst actively moisturizing skin