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Washroom plus

If you want to invite washroom users to relax in a more comfortable environment and take care of more than just their basic needs, Tork Washroom Plus has everything you need. From our soft, comfortable towels to our moisturising lotion, visitors with diverse needs will appreciate the extra care and consideration that you provide.

Hand towels

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Your visitors with diverse needs will appreciate our Tork Advanced Soft towels. In addition to quick hand drying, these soft, comfortable towels have the strength to rub out clothing stains, and more. When used with the Tork Matic™ roll towel dispenser, you get a hassle-free, well-designed system with high capacity so towels won't run out. What's more, 
its one-at-a-time towel dispensing controls consumption and reduces waste.


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Offer visitors a soothing, moisturising hand wash with our Tork Extra Mild Foam Soap. Its premium, perfume and colour-free formulation reduces the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. And washing up is easy for everyone with our Tork Foam Soap Dispenser with a soft-push tap. The Swedish Rheumatism Association certifies it as easy-to-use.

Shower gel

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For complete shower care without empty bottles, our Tork Hair & Body Liquid Soap/shampoo is the all-in-one favourite. Lightly perfumed with a rich, creamy lather, it leaves a fresh, clean feeling. And showering is easy for everyone with our Tork Shower Gel Dispenser with a soft-push tap. The Swedish Rheumatism Association certifies it as easy-to-use.


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Add an extra touch of kindness with our Tork Non Perfumed Hand & Body Lotion. Its rich formulation includes replenishing moisturisers and natural vitamin E. It's ideal for soothing and protecting normal, dry and sensitive skin. Use our Tork Skincare Dispenser with a soft-push tap, and everyone, even people with low hand strength, can enjoy your total skincare offer. The Swedish Rheumatism Association certifies Tork soft push dispensers as easy-to-use.

Toilet paper

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Soft tissue will never be in short supply with our Tork Twin Mid-size Tissue Dispenser. It holds two full rolls of our Tork Advanced tissue quality. Empty cores stay in the dispenser, keeping the floor tidy.

Air care

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Our Tork Citrus Air Freshener has a nice, fresh scent that gives every visitor a pleasant washroom experience. This high-quality fragrance oil is specially formulated to provide long-lasting air freshness by neutralising odours. Together with the Tork Air Freshener Spray Dispenser, there's the scent of citrus to greet each guest, each time.


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Complement your look and enhance the comfort of your washroom with our high-capacity, 50L Tork Elevation Bin. Its attractive design keeps waste hidden away for a more pleasant environment. They're easy to clean, empty and refill with our strong, reliable Tork Bin Liners. A discreet Tork Sanitary Bin is also available with a matching design.

Facial tissues

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Make your guests feel more welcome by offering some extra comfort and convenience. For example, our extra-soft Tork Facial tissues in an attractive wall-mounted or stand-alone Tork Facial Tissue Dispenser are always welcoming.

Toilet seat cleaner

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For your guests who want extra hygiene, our Tork Toilet Seat Cleaner is available.

Toilet seat cover

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Provide extra protection that improves hygiene with flushable Tork Toilet Seat Covers. The wall-mounted Toilet Seat Cover dispenser is slim so it will fit every washroom.


Tork is sold by Asaleo Care under licence from Essity, a leading global personal care and hygiene company. Asaleo Care manufactures, markets and distributes consumer products across the feminine hygiene, incontinence hygiene, baby hygiene, consumer tissue and professional hygiene product categories across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. For more information, visit www.asaleocare.com or www.essity.com


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