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Arnaud Opdam is the Deputy Director of the Avans University of Applied Sciences, Breda campus.

We started with just 7 Tork SmartFresh™ units, now we have around 300.

Sanitary facilities indicate the cleanliness of the whole building
When I was looking for a campground to spend my summer holiday, it occurred to me that many
people measure the quality of a campground by its sanitary facilities. I started paying attention to this
within our own organization. Our toilets looked outdated and dirty, and they did not smell fresh. I had
complaints about them – and also about the rest of the building. To avoid complaints, I looked for an
Less cleaning needed – but always fresh
Tork SmartFresh caught my attention because it had won an innovation award. But the main selling
point for me was that you don’t have to clean the toilet as often, and you can measure when it has
been used. And of course it’s great that it always smells fresh.
From 7 to 300
We started with just 7 Tork SmartFresh units, in staff washrooms. But students kept using these too,
so we expanded, and now we have around 300 units in various buildings.
Reflects the image we want to project
As a university of applied science, Avans is committed to delivering quality in every aspect of what
we do. This includes our toilets! Our total image has to be right. Now, we hardly ever need extra
cleaning rounds, and actually get fewer complaints about the rest of the buildings. Students treat the
washrooms better now, and visitors really appreciate the fresh smell.
The toilets of the future
I consider Tork SmartFresh to be a high quality, intelligent concept. The combination of savings
on cleaning costs, a consistent fresh experience, accessible usage data and digital screens for
communication are the reasons I would say Tork SmartFresh are the toilets of the future.

Before we had Tork SmartFresh™, our toilets looked outdated and dirty, and they didn’t smell fresh.

Arnaud Opdam

Deputy Director of of Applied Sciences Avans University, Breda campus