Welle 7

Digital cleaning management ensures top cleaning quality at “Welle7”

Urban concept centre “Welle 7”, a mix of business, enjoyment, education and shopping on eight decks across 14,000 square meters, wanted to ensure the best cleaning quality in their facilities. Therefore, centre operator Migros Aare decided to implement the digital cleaning management tool Tork EasyCube®.


Luciana Cafaro, FARO site manager for Welle7, is certain that “without Tork EasyCube®, our job here at Welle7 could not be carried out as efficiently as is currently the case thanks to this system. Like all businesses, we are under pressure to save costs. Thanks to Tork EasyCube™, our cleaning management processes really are extremely efficient.”


“Thanks to the data collected via Tork EasyCube®, our cleaning staff always know exactly where they are needed. This saves time and costs and also minimises stress.” – Says Luciana Cafaro, Facility Manager Welle 7 


Up to 60,000 commuters leave the main railway station in Switzerland’s capital Bern every day And it is precisely these individuals who are the target audience for Welle7, which is located right next to the station. Whether a lunch break, work meeting in the co-working space or a shopping trip after work: a rounded customer experience includes washrooms cleaned to the highest standards and without long queues or empty dispensers.


“For us, the most important thing is that we have satisfied customers who want to return. The fact that visitors think our washrooms are very clean shows us that the system can help us to guarantee very high standards in terms of cleaning and also helps us to save resources”, Says centre manager Lukas von Känel.


While visitors are doing their shopping or working out in one of the gyms, cleaning staff from facility management service provider FARO Reinigungen AG are working to ensure that the facilities are spotless.


Translated into figures, this means that despite washroom visitor numbers increasing by 42 per cent between August 2016 and November 2016, it was still possible to reduce the time with empty dispensers by 68 per cent.

I think Tork EasyCube® makes an important contribution to helping customers feel good throughout every part of their visit here.

Lukas von Känel

Centre manager