Deliver the impression and ambience you aspire to with napkins and napkin dispenser combinations that complete your theme. Whether you're serving quick snacks, just drinks or five-course meals, we can save you time and money with products that deliver the quality, efficiency and functionality that you need.

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Quick service restaurants

Keeping self-service customers moving while giving them the choice they want can be a hygiene challenge. You need refilling, waste management and storage to be as seamless as possible. Our range of smart serving products, including the Tork Xpressnap Napkins Dispenser System, is designed to increase efficiency, so your staff can spend more time keeping customers happy, even in rush hour.
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Full service restaurants

Customers notice when the dining experience is perfected down to the smallest details. Tork products can help you provide unquestionable hygiene, but making the right impression with the finishing touch on your tables can also add value to the experience. In catering, restaurants, cafes and dining rooms, you can impress your customers with high quality Tork Napkins. Choose a napkin to suit your style and the impression you want to make: - Create the Wow factor with Linstyle napkins - Keep it classic with Tork Edge Emboss napkins - Be different with Tork Chequered Emboss napkins - Be on trend With Tork Quilted Napkins
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Tork LinStyle®

Maximise the dining experience with our best quality disposable napkins, made in Europe. Natural looking linen emboss with exceptional softness and strength.
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