Tork Xpressnap® dispensers cut consumption by 25%. They're available in different colours and sizes for in-counter, on-counter, free-standing, tabletop or Drive-Thru restaurants.

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Keep your production line clean and running with our handy dispensers and purpose-made cloths. 100% new, each cloth is made for a specified task yet versatile enough for multi-purpose use. Minimise downtime with our professional wiping, cleaning and polishing systems that help to speed up your regular maintenance.

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Quick service restaurants

Satisfying your guests and customers and keeping your costs under control is key to your success. We developed products specifically for your fast-paced business. Our products and expertise can help you quickly take care of your service area, kitchen, dining and washroom needs.

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Early learning and childcare

We have HACCP rating and I thought Tork Xpressnap® kept things clean and would be good for health and safety reasons too

Dudley Lo

Manager at Star Buffet Bossley Park

Buffets are busy. And Star Buffets are no exception, with many locations serving a thousand meals a day and offering over 150 different dishes. Such volume requires a quality management system backed by products and partners that can help them deliver.

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