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Sustainability is not just good for the planet, but also good for business. 75% of the workforce are looking for socially responsible employers*, whilst 43% of consumers are more aware of the negative impact some products and services have on the environment.** Sourcing and procuring sustainable hygiene solutions is pivotal for your reputation with employees, visitors and customers. 
At Tork, we’re proud to lead the way in sustainable workplace hygiene solutions. 75% of Tork tissue products are manufactured locally in New Zealand, utilising geothermal steam and between 63 to 76% renewable energy throughout the full product life cycle. We’re also introducing 20 to 40% recycled plastic packaging to reduce waste and our dispenser systems are designed to use up to 40% less refills. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 
Take action to create a better environment and reach your sustainability targets sooner.

Think Sustainable Podcast Series

In this series, Rochelle Lake, Head of B2B Marketing at Essity Australasia is joined by two new guests each episode and together, they discuss the impact sustainable business practices have on the environment, workplace culture and brand reputation. Watch all episodes now

Learn more about how Tork can help you to make sustainable choices for your business.

Sustainable Business Solutions

Learn more about how Tork can help you deliver sustainable solutions within your business.

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* Cone Communications Millennial Employee Study

** Essity Green Response Report 2021