Tork is committed to transparency in production and was the first tissue brand with EPDs giving transparency about the environmental impact of a product through its life cycle. 
Manufacturing in Kawerau New Zealand using geothermal steam has reduced carbon emissions and helps support the local Iwi community reducing our impact and yours.

Tork Coreless

Less waste, less run outs, less refilling, less storage.

Make the safer choice, switch to paper towel

Secure the new normal in hygiene by changing to paper hand towels as an alternative to air dryers.


The Xpressnap AD-a-Glance feature is your window of opportunity to use the display panels to turn your dispenser into an onsite marketing tool. It's easy to use your AD-a-Glance to make a difference - both in your community and for your bottom line!

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Quick service restaurants

Satisfying your guests and customers and keeping your costs under control is key to your success. We developed products specifically for your fast-paced business. Our products and expertise can help you quickly take care of your service area, kitchen, dining and washroom needs.

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Residential aged care

The quality of care provided to residents in aged care facilities is of utmost importance. Tork can help you ensure residents are comfortable and well looked after, that hygiene is maintained to protect their health and that tasks are made as easy as possible to maintain their independence. Small improvements can often make a big difference.

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Early learning and childcare