Waste management

As societies slowly transform from linear to circular, new business models will require responsible use of resources through a mindset of design, reduce, reuse and recycle. Global changes including China’s ban on exported waste has brought waste management to the fore. There is not an infinite amount of raw materials in the world, nor infinite space for disposal of materials in landfill. In a circular economy, waste is prevented. Firstly by making products and materials more efficiently, then reusing or recycling them, instead of disposing of them.

Use less

First and foremost, by reducing use, we also reduce waste. Tork systems are designed to use less and reduce waste - some such as Tork SmartOne by up to 40%. (7) One-at-a-time dispensing also lowers consumption as demonstrated by Tork Xpressnap which is guaranteed to reduce napkin consumption by 25%. (8)

Reduce packaging waste

Our latest local manufacturing investment is reducing packaging by 20% or 143 tonnes per year across a large range of products. Compressed packs of hand towels and wipers further reduce packaging. Tork PeakServe® Hand Towels are compressed by 50% reducing packaging, storage and transportation costs. While our Carry Packs reduce waste to landfill by 84% (9) and can be recycled. We are committed to 100% recyclable packaging by 2025 as per our sustainable packaging policy.


When organic waste such as hand towels, napkins and paper wipers are disposed of in landfill, they decompose anaerobically (without oxygen) and methane gas is generated. Methane is 28 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Instead, these tissue products can be composted and life cycle analysis shows that commercial composting can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 56%. (4) Tork is the only company to quantify the significant climate impact reduction of composting tissue products through life cycle analysis. This is independently verified and published in our new Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

Waste Stream Labels

To ensure proper waste separation for composting, we have stickers to place above bins to make it clear for your washroom visitors. 

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4 Environmental Production Declaration (EPD) Tork Hand Towels S-P-00851 and Toilet Paper S-P-00852. 

7 Compared to 1ply Jumbo.

8 Compared to traditional napkin dispensers.
9 Compared to Cardboard cases.