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Tork: Putting sustainability to work

We believe sustainability isn’t a success until it supports and adds value to your business. That’s why we work hand in hand with you to identify needs and develop products and services to make your business better. We put sustainability to work not only for the planet, but also for the benefit of your bottom line, employees, and stakeholders.
Tork is all about understanding our customers’ needs and giving them products and services that help them focus on what matters most to their business. Sustainability is an integrated part of that, and of everything we do. 

It’s all about creating customer value

Our approach to sustainability is not only environmental, but also human and societal. We go beyond compliance, reductions, and efficiencies, to invest in what’s really valuable: how we can improve your business. Whether your focus is happier staff or a healthier bottom line, Tork can help you achieve your goals. To do this, we put sustainability to work in practice, through innovation and partnership. 

Sustainability at the heart of our innovations

We start with what our customers need, to make sure we really put sustainability to work for them. And we continue to involve them throughout development, through real time studies, product testing, and improvement processes.  For example, we make daily work for cleaners easier and more effective with smart packaging and services such as Tork Easy Handling™ and Tork EasyCube™ that save both money and effort.

Memberships and partnerships for the future

Tork partners with environmentally focused organisations to keep abreast of best practice and continuous improvement for our business.  We are proud members of FSC® Australia and work together to promote and educate people about responsible forestry.  We also work with the Sustainable Business Network on projects to support businesses make sustainable choices.


We also check our products meet the highest sustainability standards, by working with the most trusted third party ecolabeling organizations. As a global brand, we’re proud to offer sustainably certified choices across the Tork portfolio, so it’s easier for you to pick products that are environmentally sound, safe, and of the right quality.

… And beyond

This lets Tork innovations go further. We go further than being transparent about what we do, actively seeking partnership and cooperation. We focus on the entire value chain, not just on resource efficiency; strive to reduce your energy use, not just our own; and care about your employees, as if they were ours.

Putting sustainability to work.

Tork Xpressnap®

25% fewer napkins used compared to traditional dispenser systems

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